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20140314 - More on the Process
One of the things we really want to do with this second album and with this second incarnation is make sure we do this right. Our initial announcement about auditions got us a huge response from drummers and bassists, with many showing interest. As with any process of this nature, it takes time and we are narrowing the field. As we shared with the more serious candidates a bit about our direction and sneak previews of pre-production efforts, we've had a few drop from contention - some have moved on to other things, others it simply wasn't their thing. A couple have said that while they liked the new material, it was too complex for them to take it on while they were simultaneously working on complex materials with other bands they are already in. Yes, odds are very high we will end up a rhythm section comprised of musicians from other bands. No real surprise there, as the top musicians in the area are taken and can pretty much have their choice of projects.

While this may seem like a bad thing to some, that we might not be able to get people to do Cryptonomicon full time, it is in fact the opposite. Having seasoned musicians with experiences outside of Cryptonomicon is exactly what we are looking for. All of the candidates are very strong but the experience of playing different styles and subgenres of music makes for better and more well-rounded musicians. Everyone benefits - us, the other bands they might be in, and fans of all bands these musicians are in as skills improve from the diversity of styles and the sheer level of rehearsal increase. So the process continues, and we think it will be win-win.

20140221 - Writing and Auditions Continue
Still busy with writing for the second album, in addition to auditions for future live performances. Material is being refined and new realms of darkness are being explored.

20140109 - Surprise Announcement
Not only is Cryptonomicon currently writing and doing pre-production for the next album, they announced on January 7th on the Cryptonomicon mailing list that they will be auditing permanent members and will be gearing up for live performances! In part they stated: "We're looking to get a full permanent band together, and this lineup will perform live. We are getting ready to start auditions from the wonderous pool of talent here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, and are looking for a drummer and a bass player, preferably one or both can sing as well."

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