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The Devil's Dance
The album "The Devil's Dance" has been released in both physical and digital forms as of August 1, 2011. You can stream, get free MP3s, and you can order the album. Here are the choices:
  • Free streaming. The MP3s can be streamed from the usual social media sites. You can start listening here.
  • Free MP3s - No waiting for pirate copies, just sign up for the Cryptonomicon mailing list and you will receive a link for a zip file containing the MP3s.
  • Digital and physical purchases can be had for as little as $5 and $6 respectively here. However if you still need more choices...
  • You can purchase either digital or physical copies of the album from a wide variety of vendors online. Some cost more than others due to various vendors taking a cut, you may have to pay to be a member, or you are paying for convenience or a vendor you trust. The point is, you can take advantage of sales and deals like potentially no taxes or free shipping and make things convenient for you. Here is the full list of vendors selling (more will be added as they come online):
    • Bandcamp - Shop here first! Currently on sale for $5 for a complete album digital download and $6 for a physical CD (also includes the digital download, shipping and taxes not included).
    • CD Baby - Physical and digital release.
    • iTunes - Digital release only.
    • Amazon - Digital release only.
    • Tradebit - Digital release only.
    • emusic - Digital release only.
    • CD Universe - Digital release only.


Official video for "Daemon":